Live Dirty, Eat Clean! Your Microbiome Is Your Gateway To Optimal Health!


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If you are like most people alive today you probably never heard of the word microbiome.¬† What is it? Why should you even concern yourself about it? People come to us all the time and ask us what is the number one thing they could do to live a life full of energy and optimize their health? I tell them that the answer is simple, all they have to do is clean up all the toxins out of their environment, eat more clean healthy¬† plant based foods and focus on the things that are going to nourish they digestive flora (microbiome) like fermented foods and probiotics. We often get the classic deer in the headlights stare because this isn’t something most people ever hear about because it isn’t discussed or given much attention to in today’s pharmaceutical based medical system .

Take the time to watch this short video presentation by integrative gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan where she breaks down what you need to know about your own precious microbiome. She talks about the importance of this vast collection of microbes that live in and on every one of our bodies. She explains all the steps that we need to take to nourish this vast community of critters so we can live a longer, healthier, better life.

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