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People come to us all the time and tell us that they have tried every diet under the sun and still haven’t been able to lose any weight and keep it off. It usually sounds something like, “Most diets I try require me to starve myself, eventually leading me to quit and gain back all the weight I lost and more.” Does this sound familiar?

These people usually have a tough time believing us when we tell them that we want them to eat more food not less. Most people don’t understand that certain foods are more calorically dense than others and that this is what plays the major role of weight gain and feeling full or satisfied when you sit down to eat your next meal.

Let me give you an example. If you sit down and eat a 1000 calorie meal consisted of high calorically dense foods like fats, oils, cheese etc. You would end up still being hungry and not satisfied, resulting in you eating more calories just to feel full. Now on the other hand, if you sat down and ate 1000 calories of specific fruits and vegetables (low caloric foods) you would feel full and satisfied not needing to eat those extra calories to feel satisfied.

So the key to losing weight and keeping it off for good all comes down to eating the right kinds of foods. If you restrict food and starve yourself you are setting yourself up to fail before you even get started. The first time I really got this was 8 years ago when Tammy and I first read and put into action the PH Miracle Diet by Dr. Robert Young. Eating Alkaline foods (low caloric foods), I never once limited my portion sizes and I always ate until I was full/satisfied. By the end of the first 30 days, I had lost 35lbs of the 45lbs that I needed to lose. All while never starving myself or not feeling satisfied.

Dr. Greger does a great job at fully explaining it in this 5 min video.

At Surviving Food, we are huge fans of the work that Dr. Greger is doing over at If you haven’t checked out his website yet please take the time and watch all the amazing videos that he posts over there on a daily basis. He is one of the few Doctors today that is actually using nutritional science to help educate the populous on the actual causes of disease.

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Maurice and Tammy

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