Stessed Out? Check Out These 13 Calming Yoga Poses


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If you are living in today’s fast pace, rat race society then you are definitely suffering from some form of stress in your everyday life. Stress has turned into one of the planets worst pandemics and it get almost no attention from the main stream media or the medical establishment. In recent years, stress has been shown to be one of the major contributors in the development of disease. But we are shown very few ways to help eliminate or eradicate this silent killer in our day to day lives.

If  you take the word disease and break it into it’s two basic syllables you get “dis-ease”. The very definition of the word dis-ease could then very well be, STRESS. When the cells that make up the human body are in a constant state of dis-ease, our bodies break down and that is when we start to develop specific symptoms. The medical establishment has then turned around and labeled these specific symptoms a catchy named disease. If we eliminate the root cause of these underlying symptoms (environmental, physical, emotional stress) – would we eliminate the disease itself? Could it be that simple?

It is very well known that Yoga is a very good way to stretch out  and relieve the body of unwanted stress. Our friends over at Health Perch have created this amazing Infographic that displays 13 stress relieving yoga poses and their amazing health benefits. Do yourself a favor and print it out and practice these 13 poses on a daily basis. You will be happy you did!


Image courtesy of Health Perch

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