Award Winning Director Gary Null’s – Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines


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Award winning film director Gary Null has finally released his jaw dropping documentary; Silent Epidemic. This is one of the only documentary’s that I know of that thoroughly investigates the true short and long term effects of vaccines in our precious youth. There are many doctors and medical research scientists in this documentary that have spent a good part of their careers investigating whether or not vaccines are safe and if they actually do what we are led to believe. If you are one of those parents that are on the fence about vaccinating your child(ren) then I highly recommend watching this life changing documentary.

Modern day medicine claims the invention of vaccines as a miracle of modern day science. The medical establishment needs us to believe that vaccines have a solid track record of eradicating disease and that they are 100% safe and based on solid science. Take the time to watch this life changing documentary and see what medical professionals that don’t have financial interests in vaccines or Big Pharma have to say about them. This way you can form your own educated opinion instead of just believing what we have all been brainwashed to believe by the pharmaceutical companies.

Please “Like” and “Share” this documentary with your family and friends so that we can spread this information to those that are struggling with the decision of whether to vaccinate their children or not. Also please comment below and let us know your own thoughts about vaccinations and share any other resources that you feel others need to see regarding vaccines.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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