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Over the last 10 years, our family has transitioned into a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle. While doing this, we have witnessed some pretty miraculous health transformation in ourselves, loved ones and close friends. We have also witnessed thousands of Surviving Food members experience some pretty incredible things themselves.

Over the last decade, we have acquired a vast wealth of knowledge and information regarding nutrition, disease, corporate greed, animal cruelty, environmental toxins and the dangers of commercially grown/GMO foods that are being mass produced and polluting our planet.

Tammy and I both have a passion for helping others so we could not in good conscience sit idle and watch so many people suffer needlessly from illnesses when their body could heal itself naturally if given the right materials for the job.  We have seen first-hand people reverse failing health by simply changing the quality of food they consume on a daily basis. When you give the body what it needs to eliminate years of built up toxins the body starts to heal itself.

Because of the vast corporate greed and money that surrounds the food and medical industry we have been lied too and used as guinea pigs to push forward specific agendas that benefit the few elite families that own the vast majority of the corporations of the world. I know this sounds like a conspiracy but look around you. We are in changing times and this stuff is becoming common knowledge to those that have taken the initiative to educate themselves and take back their health and the health of their loved ones. After all disease is big business and it is very profitable!

Over the years in our own research, we uncovered that the majority of today’s diseases and illnesses are mainly found in westernised cultures where convenience foods have taken the place of eating healthy whole foods the way nature intended. T Colin Campbell of “The China Study” refers to this as “diseases of affluence”, simply put, the majority of today’s illnesses are found in westernised societies where the food supply has been vastly altered or commercialised (weaponized). Making diet the main culprit for most 21st-century diseases people suffer from today.

Although there are 10’s of thousands of individual’s, nutritionist’s, MD’s, Ph.D.’s, Researchers our there trying to educate people of the threats that face humanity. We decided that we would try to do our part by creating Survivingfood.com. It was really born out of necessity, we had no clue that this message would take hold and resonate with so many people. Due to the initial interest and demand for this type of material and information, we decided to put together a community of like-minded people so that everyone could share recipes, information and help others that were suffering from their own health issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read our “About Us” page and we hope that you now have a better understanding about what Survivingfood.com is all about and we hope that you consider becoming a value added member of the Survivingfood Community.

We hope that the passion that we have for helping others shines through in the articles, videos and the content we produce here at Survivingfood.com.  We have a staff of dedicated people here at Survivingfood.com who are as dedicated as us in bringing you the latest up-to-date information and news relating the health and wellness industry.


We are actively looking for content curators and recipe creators.  If you own your own Vegan/Vegetarian foodie website and you would like to guest post some of your content or recipes on Survivingfood.com please contact us.  We would love to hear from you. As a guest poster, you would have your own “Author Box” where you could promote your own website and social media accounts to our members. If you would like to learn more about working with us please feel free to “Contact Us” and we will get back with you as soon as we can!

Thanks and Enjoy!
Maurice & Tammy McCaffrey