5 Easy Steps To A Flat Stomach


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For those of you that have a hard time losing weight and getting a flat stomach should take the time to watch this video. FullyRawKristina is someone that we have followed for years. She is a very motivating and amazing person that is full of energy and has a great personality.

In this video she gives you 5 things that you an start doing today that will lead you towards your very own flat tummy… These are all things that we have also incorporated into our lives over the years and recommend to all of our clients.

1) Drink lots of water: FullyRaw Vitamin Infused Lemonade when you first wake up in the AM. Recommended 32-64 oz daily. You can also drink fresh juices! If you need some recommended recipes, check out my Watermelon Juice Secret, Soulshine Juice, or Sunburst Juice here on my channel.

2) Eat FullyRaw Foods: Challenge yourself to 2-3 FullyRaw Meals a Day. Not telling you to go 100% FullyRaw right away… but give it a try. It’s much easier and more delicious than you think!

3) Eliminate meat and dairy. The benefits associated with eliminating animal products are HUGE. Eliminating these hormones, bacterias, and fats from your diet can flush your system, giving you a flat belly. Take it to the next level: eliminate gluten. Watch the weight fall off!

4) Do 10 minutes of easy ab workouts like the ones in my video. My favorites are squats, planks, bicycle crunches, and jump roping!

5) Don’t eat after 7-8 PM or stop eating 3 hours before bed. Eating FullyRaw is also the daylight diet. Eat when the sun is up and rest when the sun in down.

If you are really serious about losing weight and improving your health then you should really look into following Kristina on Youtube. You can subscriber to her channel here.

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Thanks and Enjoy!

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